Founder & CEO - Geoff Donaldson

Over the previous decade Geoff's professional focus was in strategic leadership of major mortgage companies that operated on a national scale.  In the fall of 2022 the mortgage market compressed, and his previous company had to make the difficult decision to close their doors in February of 2023.  As a result Geoff found himself without a job and a need to provide for his wife, Chanel, and their 5 kids.  He immediately got to work on a new solution and as you could imagine, a unique set of challenges presented themselves but in a very different way than one might think.  The blank canvas was set and there was an opportunity to create without barriers.

Officially opening in September of 2023, Geoff's idea to start CXE Insurance occurred in the spring of 2023 after a realization of purpose struck.  For the past 16 years Geoff pursued partnerships that believe what he believes and execute on that belief.  In his eyes, the most valuable pursuit is one of deeper relationships, a genuine curiosity in people’s history and dreams so that value can be created.  Every person should be given the opportunity to thrive financially while protecting what they have worked hard to earn. What better way to make the work you do everyday align with your vision than to create your own?

One thing has remained constant throughout his professional journey; the insatiable curiosity and vision to help others be more successful.  See a need, fill a need has been the operating model for Geoff’s career.  The name, CXE Insurance, was created after pondering the desired experience we would provide.  The 'C' represents our customers, the 'E' our employees.  An amazing experience is what occurs when we prioritize both our customers and employees needs.  We stand by this belief and want to be held accountable for our actions.  We strive to continuously improve and will ask for feedback to do so.

Our Family

As believers, Chanel, and their 5 kids attend Eastside Christian Church where they serve and participate in community outreach.  Their children, ages 15, 13, 11, 8, and 4, attend the Silver Creek Schools and are involved in many sports.  Their family began their journey in Oregon after Geoff and Chanel met at Crater High School.  After living in Gilbert, AZ for 5 years they made the cross country move to the thriving Covered Bridge Golf community in Sellersburg Indiana where they currently reside.

Now that you know about us, please give us the opportunity to get to know you!  On the bottom right of this page you can schedule time to meet with Geoff directly.  We look forward to adding you to the family and learning all about your history and goals!