Getting Auto Insurance for the First Time

You’re an adult now! Go wherever you want! But you have to buy your own insurance! Boo!

Sorry, but part of being an adult means getting your own insurance. You’ll need to know what type of coverage you’ll need and how much it will cost. The price of this can fluctuate wildly, so you need to make sure that you’re getting the best deal. 

What You Need to Know

Liability coverage is required in just about every state in the Union. How much is your car worth? If you’ve got an old beater as a hand-me-down, you might not want to bother with comprehensive and collision insurance. However, it might be worth it if the parental units came through with some nice wheels as your graduation present. If you have a car loan, you will need more than just liability insurance. Before you even contact an insurance company, you’ll need to collect pertinent details on yourself and your vehicle. This includes your proof of address, driver’s license, and a copy of your vehicle registration. Make copies of those documents and have them with you when you contact an agent. Also, be prepared to tell them the make and model of your car, date purchased, miles driven, and info about your parent’s policy if you were on that. 

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Three Types of Commercial Insurance Your Business May Need

There are many types of commercial insurance, and the types you need depend on many factors. The kind of business you run, what you sell, how large your business is, what it owns, and where it’s located make a big difference in the policies you need to protect the business. To find out what type of commercial insurance your specific business needs, you can contact us at CXE Insurance in Sellersburg, IN.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance 

It’s important to protect both your business and your workers by having worker’s compensation insurance, generally known as worker’s comp. This policy will pay for an employee’s costs if they should get an injury at work or an illness related to work. These can include lost wages, medical bills, and legal bills. If you have employees, you need to have this in place to protect your business from these high costs. 

Property Liability Insurance

If your business owns a property where other people, such as customers, will be, you need this type of coverage. People can be injured in any number of ways. When it happens on your business’ property, your business is responsible for the many costs involved. This coverage is important for protecting your business from financial hardship. Injuries can happen literally anywhere, even if there’s nothing dangerous in the area. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

If your company owns a vehicle, you must have commercial insurance instead of a personal policy. A personal policy is unlikely to pay out if there is an accident involving a work vehicle, while a commercial policy ensures the vehicle is covered. 

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What Paperwork Do You Need to File a Home Insurance Claim?

Indiana homeowners with good home insurance coverage can rest assured that they will receive compensation if their home is damaged by an unfortunate incident covered under the home insurance policy. However, there are several things you’ll need to do to file a claim to receive compensation.

Paperwork Needed to File a Home Insurance Claim in Indiana

In addition to filling out the claim form from your insurer, you’ll need the following documents:

  • A copy of your home insurance policy. 

  • Pictures showing the damage to your home. It’s best to take these from various angles or even film the damage so your insurer can understand what you need to fix or replace.

  • Receipts for damaged or lost property. For example, if you replaced your home’s heating system one year before it was damaged in a natural disaster, you’ll want the receipt to show your home insurance company how much your heating system is worth.

  • Receipts for temporary repairs. It will take time to process your insurance claim. If you need to do temporary repairs, keep the receipts so your insurance company can reimburse you after it has approved your claim.

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Every homeowner needs a reliable home insurance policy designed to meet his or her needs. CXE Insurance is a family-owned insurance company with a reputation for providing top-tier customer service and expert insurance assistance. We offer multiple policy options to meet the needs of homeowners in and around the Sellersburg, IN, area. Call us to find out more or to get a policy quote.

The Role of Life Insurance in Supporting First Responders and Essential Workers

Life insurance is a vital support system for first responders and essential workers. It provides financial security and peace of mind for those who dedicate their lives to serving their communities in and around the Sellersburg, IN area. Life insurance is an excellent safety blanket for those who put their lives on the line daily. 

Protection Against Line-of-Duty Risks

First responders, including firefighters, police officers, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians (EMTs), face inherent risks and dangers. Life insurance policies tailored for first responders provide comprehensive coverage for accidental death or injury that occurs while on duty, ensuring that their families are financially protected in the event of tragedy. 

Support for Mental Health and Wellness

The demands of their professions can affect the mental and emotional well-being of first responders and essential workers. Life insurance policies often include benefits and resources to support mental health and wellness, such as access to counseling services, stress management programs, and mental health awareness initiatives. By prioritizing the mental health needs of these individuals, life insurance providers demonstrate their commitment to supporting the overall well-being of first responders and essential workers.

Recognition and Appreciation

Life insurance companies recognize first responders’ and essential workers’ sacrifices and contributions by offering specialized insurance products and benefits tailored to their unique needs. These may include premium discounts, enhanced coverage options, and dedicated customer service support for those in high-risk professions. By providing recognition and appreciation for their service, life insurance companies acknowledge the invaluable role that first responders and essential workers play in society and demonstrate their commitment to supporting their financial security and well-being.

How CXE Insurance Can Help You

At CXE Insurance, we can help answer questions concerning life insurance. We serve the Sellersburg, IN, area. Call us today.   

What To Do If Your Vehicle Is Vandalized

Your vehicle is at risk of being vandalized if parked in an open area. Use the steps below if your vehicle is vandalized. Then, ensure that your vehicle is equipped with the proper insurance coverage.

Supporting Details

Photographs and a police report will support your insurance claim. Once you realize your vehicle has been vandalized, contact a local police officer.

The officer will be dispatched to the location of your vehicle. They will assess the damage to your car. Then, they will prepare a report of their findings. Pictures of the vandalism will be taken. This information should be submitted when you file an insurance claim.

Claims Form

An insurance claims form will need to be filled out. This form should be prepared at your earliest convenience. The form will require some information about the damage to your vehicle. You will need to sign the form before it is filed. 

Adjuster Inspection

An insurance adjuster will inspect your vehicle. They will need to determine if your insurance policy will cover the damage. The adjuster’s findings will be reported to your insurance agency.

Once your vandalism claim is processed, you will be able to have your vehicle repaired. The repair process may include having your vehicle repainted. You can seek the needed services by scheduling an appointment with a certified mechanic.

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You do not need to go through a vandalism crime alone. Consult with one of our CXE Insurance agents for assistance with filing your vandalism insurance claim. An agent who serves Sellersburg, IN, will help you fill out the insurance paperwork that needs to be filed.

Is commercial insurance required to do business with the public?

CXE Insurance takes great pride in its ability to help residents in the Sellersburg, IN area by providing them with commercial insurance coverage. Our agents understand the importance of offering customers peace of mind. By thoroughly assessing each client’s specific needs and risks, CXE Insurance ensures they are well-prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.

Commercial Insurance

In Indiana, commercial insurance is not legally required for public business. However, it is worth mentioning that certain types of companies may be subject to specific insurance requirements. For example, you must have commercial auto insurance if you are operating a motor vehicle for business. 

Additionally, if you have employees, you’ll need workers’ compensation insurance to protect your employees and your business in case of work-related injuries. While not mandatory, obtaining commercial general liability insurance is highly recommended as it covers bodily injury, property damage, and personal injury claims that may arise during business. 

Although commercial insurance may not be legally mandatory for all businesses, it is crucial to assess your specific industry and evaluate the risks involved to ensure adequate protection for your business and customers alike. If you need commercial insurance for your business, our knowledgeable team can help you find the right policies to protect you. 

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At CXE Insurance, we take great pride in serving the residents of Sellersburg, IN by assisting with their commercial insurance needs. With our professional expertise and extensive insurance industry knowledge, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality insurance options. Our dedicated team understands businesses’ unique challenges in the Sellersburg, IN area. Call or stop by to speak to us today and get the coverage you need to feel secure. 

Things that home insurance doesn’t cover

Your home insurance protects you from many hazards that can damage your home and your life. Nothing, however, can protect you from everything, and, like most types of insurance, home insurance has exclusions. In Sellersburg, IN, CXE Insurance makes sure that your home insurance is personalized to you. We get to know you so that we can better serve you.  

Home Insurance Exclusions


Floods are one of the most damaging natural disasters. Every year they seem to spread to more and more locations where they were never common in the past. If you are counting on your home insurance to protect you, you will be sorely disappointed. Floods are not covered by a traditional home insurance policy. If you feel you need to be protected, you will have to buy flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program. 

Earth movement

More than one type of earth movement is not covered by your home insurance. It doesn’t cover earthquakes, mudslides, landslides, or sinkholes. You can buy a separate policy to cover these hazards. 

Owner neglect

Owner neglect leaves many things uncovered that can damage your home. Your insurance company expects that you will keep your home in good condition so that it doesn’t suffer any damage. If your roof is old and it leaks, the damage is on you. If your home becomes infested with termites, the damage isn’t covered because you are expected to get termite treatment.  You are expected to prevent any damage that you can. 

Sewer backup

Having your sewer back up into your home is disgusting, and it can cause a lot of damage. The worst part is that the damage is not covered by your home insurance. 

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Life Insurance for Debt Protection: Safeguarding Your Loved Ones

Life is unpredictable, and while we can’t control every twist and turn, we can certainly plan for the unexpected. At CXE Insurance, serving the greater Sellersburg, IN region, we understand the importance of protecting your loved ones, especially when it comes to financial security. Let’s delve into how life insurance can serve as a shield, specifically for debt protection.

Easing the Burden: Life Insurance and Debt

Life insurance is often viewed as a safety net for your family’s financial well-being, and rightly so. Beyond covering funeral expenses and providing a source of income replacement, life insurance can be a powerful tool in managing and alleviating debts. If something were to happen to you, leaving behind debts like a mortgage, loans, or credit card balances, life insurance ensures your loved ones aren’t burdened with these financial responsibilities.

Planning for Tomorrow

Life insurance isn’t just about the present; it’s an investment in your family’s future. In Sellersburg and the greater IN region, CXE Insurance stands as your partner in securing that future. Our commitment goes beyond policies; we’re here to guide you through the intricacies of life insurance, ensuring that your loved ones are well-protected, even in the face of financial obligations.

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When it comes to safeguarding your loved ones and managing debts, we are your trusted ally. Explore the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family is protected from financial burdens. Choose CXE Insurance in the greater Sellersburg, IN region for all of your life insurance needs. Call us today to get started.

Is It Harder to Insure a Salvaged Vehicle?

Salvaged vehicles, often the result of accidents or significant damage, come with unique challenges when it comes to insurance. Here at CXE Insurance, providing auto insurance in the greater Sellersburg, IN region, we want to help you understand whether it’s more difficult to insure a salvaged vehicle and what factors come into play when securing coverage.

Determining the Difficulty Salvage Title

A significant factor in insuring a salvaged vehicle is its title. Salvage titles indicate that the vehicle has been declared a total loss by the insurance company. Insurance providers may view these vehicles as higher risk due to the prior damage.

Underwriting Guidelines

Insurers often have underwriting guidelines that vary when it comes to salvaged vehicles. While some companies may offer standard coverage, others might have stricter criteria, making it more challenging to find insurance.

Coverage Limitations Limited Comprehensive and Collision

Insuring a salvaged vehicle may come with limitations on comprehensive and collision coverage. The insurer may only provide coverage for liability, which protects other parties in case of an accident.

Diminished Value

Salvaged vehicles typically have diminished value, even after repairs. This can affect the compensation you receive in case of a total loss, making it important to understand how your policy handles this aspect.

We Are Here To Help

While insuring a salvaged vehicle can be more challenging, it’s not impossible. It’s essential to shop around, work with experienced insurance agents, and understand the specific requirements and limitations of the insurers. With the right approach, you can find suitable coverage for your salvaged vehicle, protecting both yourself and your investment. If you’re looking to insure a salvaged vehicle in the greater Sellersburg, IN area, CXE Insurance can help. Call us today to get started. 

Types of commercial insurance most businesses can benefit from

Given the number of risks that businesses face every day, it is hard to imagine why you would want to face them alone. When you have commercial insurance, you have a team of experts on your side who can make surviving the risks possible. At CXE Insurance in Sellersburg, IN, we will do a risk analysis of your business and make recommendations for the types of coverage that would suit you best. 

Commercial Insurance Coverage Options

Commercial property insurance

Commercial property insurance is a must for almost any business. It covers the building if you own it and also all the things you require to do business. Depending on the type of business that you own, it can cover inventory, raw materials, machinery, office equipment, electronics, tools, or display units. It covers the most common hazards including theft, fire, and vandalism. 

Commercial liability insurance

Being sued is a real danger to any business. Your chances are as high as 33 percent every year of being on the receiving end of legal action. Liability insurance covers not only the judgment up to the limit of the policy. It also covers legal expenses. It can be a lifesaver and keep your business viable.

Workers compensation insurance

In the state of Indiana, if you have more than one employee, you are required to cover them with workers’ compensation insurance. There are some exclusions, but most businesses are required to have it. 

Business interruption insurance

If your business is not able to function because it has been hit by a covered hazard, your income will cease. Unfortunately, your expenses don’t stop. If you have business interruption insurance, it will provide the funds you need to pay your bills, payroll, and even a salary for yourself. 

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